52% Klaviyo Revenue Percentage Growth | 80% Increase in Placed Order Rate

Zest Lighting is an Australian eCommerce store specializes in the sale of designer lighting reproductions and originals.


To increase email marketing revenue percentage by auditing, restructuring, and redesigning flows.


Although the client had Klaviyo flows already set-up, those were mostly essentially minimally-modified Klaviyo templates. They had inconsistent template designs and missed essential elements like variable product previews in abandoned flows.

As a result, email marketing contributed to less than 10% of the total business revenue.

My goal was to transform the flows to boost conversion and placed order rates, thereby increasing recurring and automated email marketing revenue.


To enhance the efficacy of the email flows, I conducted a thorough audit involving analysis of the current email sequences, automation settings, and overall performance metrics. The audit aimed to identify areas for improvement and devise a strategy to optimize these flows for better engagement and conversion rates.

Key Steps in the Auditing Process:

  1. Flow Structure Evaluation: Examining the layout and structure of existing flows, including welcome series, abandoned cart sequences, post-purchase follow-ups, and re-engagement campaigns. This involved assessing the sequence of emails, timing, and content relevancy at each stage of the customer journey.

  2. Content Relevance and Quality Check: Reviewing the content of emails within the flows to ensure they align with the brand’s voice, convey clear messaging, and provide value to recipients. Assessing the visual appeal, call-to-action effectiveness, and personalization elements incorporated within the emails.

  3. Performance Analysis: Analyzing performance metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement for each flow. Identifying underperforming emails or stages within the flows that need improvement or optimization.

  4. Segmentation and Targeting: Evaluating the segmentation strategies utilized within the flows to target specific audience segments. Assessing the effectiveness of segmentation in delivering personalized content and offers to different customer groups.

  5. Automation Settings and Triggers: Reviewing the triggers and automation settings to ensure they are properly configured and activated at appropriate touchpoints in the customer journey. Identifying any potential gaps or inconsistencies in the automation setup.


  • Some flows lacked personalization and tailored content, potentially leading to reduced engagement.
  • Certain emails within flows had lower-than-desired open rates, indicating the need for content refinement or improved subject lines.
  • Segmentation strategies were effective but could be further optimized for better targeting and customization.
  • Automation settings were generally well-configured but required minor adjustments to improve timing and sequence.


Based on the audit findings, I devised a strategy to enhance the existing Klaviyo flows. This strategy included:

  • Content optimization to improve relevance and engagement.
  • A/B testing subject lines and content variations to boost open and click-through rates.
  • Refinement of segmentation strategies for more precise targeting.
  • Fine-tuning automation settings for better timing and sequence alignment





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